Wednesday, December 23, 2009


(on the left a list of things under my bed, on the right my to-do list)

I am totally a list person.  I love making lists.  I love checking things off even more.  To other list makers my lists would probably make them batty!  To non-list makers they would probably run screaming.  I don't know how my brain works when it makes lists, it just does.  No rhyme or reason.  No certain order.  I see my lists not so much as a DO THIS IN THIS ORDER!!!!  My list is more like a list of possibilities.  Ideas should I find myself idea-less.  So what does my current list contain?

  • Bathe dogs
  • shampoo couches
  • clean chicken coop
  • butcher chickens
  • make curtains for school room
  • organize pantry
  • sew hot pads
  • make dish towel dresses
  • school plan
  • pay bills (yuck!)
  • Get coop ready for broilers
  • move broilers to outdoor coop
  • pull weeds
  • plant potatoes
  • make shepherd costume for Christmas Eve play (notice this way at bottom and it's due tomorrow!)
  • Mop floors
  • paint end table
  • Mail Christmas goodies to Mom!
  • Clean back porch
  • Clean up backyard
  • Bread and butter jalapenos
So those are a few of the things floating around in my head.  Their position on the list has no significance.  Or maybe it does.  There could be some deep psychological root to my list but I think it is just how I work!

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