Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot Cocoa

This is one of the quick and easy gifts I gave this year. Everytime the bottled milk went on sale I bought some and saved the bottles. Most of the time it was organic milk and I got the milk free when I bought fruit or cereal. Cool deal if you ask me. I love the look of milk bottles. I have a few old milk bottles I found at yard sales but even the new ones tickle me. So old fashioned looking. This year I made up a HUGE batch of our fave hot cocoa mix. There are oodles of mixes online. Just do a google. I was able to scoop in enough mix for 10 servings in each bottle. I printed up the easy directions and added a cool cow image I found online. I used some jute and scrapbooking paper scraps to decorate the bottle. Making the big batch of cocoa mix took about 20 minutes but will probably make 5 or more bottles. The label and decorating of the bottle took about 5 minutes. So in under an hour I can have 5 or more handmade gifts.

Here are a few more cute ideas using milk bottles.

(country living magazine)

I think it would be cute to make up a batch of milk bath or bath salts and put that in a cute bottle.  Tie on a pretty hand knitted wash cloth or one of those natural loofah sponges a long with some ribbon or raffia.  Just google milk bath recipe.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Just stumbled on this post...

Love this!! Your gifts turned out so cute!

I recently posted about re-purposing some tin cans for gifts and storage purposes.

I love these milk bottles though!
Thanks for sharing!

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