Monday, January 17, 2011

Yarn Inspired

It's a new year and I haven't blogged in ages. We had to move to a much smaller home and give up many of our belongings to fit into this new home. It was tough but a bit freeing to feel so much lighter!

I have been adjusting to our new home, neighborhood and area of town. I have a tiny little garden, a little bit of earth to play in, wonderful neighbors and a roof over my head which I affectionately call "The Cottage" even though some might call it a Mobile Home.

Every winter I get yarn inspired. Maybe it is the idea if I make it (cold weather apparel) it will come. Surely if I knit everyone caps, scarves and mittens the snow fates will send flurries our way.

I love yarn.  Even as a mediocre crocheter and a basic knitter I just love it.  I love the feel, the colors, the smells, the way they are bundled, balled, skeined,  and hanked.  I wouldn't mind displaying my yarns as part of my home decor if I was sure my kitties wouldn't attack my lovely fibers!

So this year the deal with husband is this:  Finish all those UFOs (unfinished objects) and put a big dent in the yarn stash before you buy more.  Can you believe that?  Sure, it sounds logical but what if....sales, the perfect color, that lovely alpaca in a color only available today, did I mention sale?  What if there is a beauty and only a few available and it's now or never?  What if I just need a treat?  Ummmmm, well you up what you have and then you can shop!  Sigh, he is being so responsible and mature but if there is suddenly a zombie apocalypse and yarn is the only material we have to make clothing and keep warm and he wouldn't let me stock up he is going to be sorry!  He seems to think the zombies aren't concerned with alpaca vs wool vs bamboo vs green cotton.  I am so making him a scarf and hat out of scratchy yarn in ugly colors.  Shhhhh, just kidding.  I probably wouldn't do that.
 The top left is a felted water bottle I made for myself.  It helps my bottle not sweat on my papers and seems to keep it cool longer.  I got the pattern off
Next you see my LAL (loom a long) which is an oven mitt.  In this photo is wet and blocked into shape.  Once dried it looks much nicer.  It works great for light cookie sheets or pans but not as well for taking the hot cast iron dutch oven out of oven.
Below is a scrubby-0 all from  I love it.  I have one in the shower and use it to scrub down walls and door before I get out.  We use in kitchen too.

And this water bottle cover I made from my mom for her birthday.  It isn't the first one I made.  The first one I made came out about big enough to keep a bottle of Tabasco sauce snugly!  It was my first attempt at felting.  

I'm on a roll.  I am finishing a UFO - a market bag that I am knitting.  The above projects were knitting using looms.

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