Monday, January 24, 2011

T-shirt yearn Part II

 So this is the tote I made with my t-shirt yarn. It is very thick and sturdy. I added a lining so that things wouldn't slip through the holes between the crochet stitches. The entire tote was made using a SC (single crochet) going round and round and round until the bag was the size I wanted it. I did crochet a flat bottom first. I made a chain of 6 and then just SC back and forth until I had a rectangle the size I wanted my bottom to be. I followed the directions on the blog I mentioned in my t-yarn post.
The straps were made on a round loom using 6 pegs and knit stitching a flat panel (not in the round). I slipped the first peg at the beginning of each row. That made the strap curl in but that worked out well. I let it curl then single crocheted fun fur through each edge to create a rope like strap (like an i-cord). I didn't use t-yarn for the strap. It was just too much for my little loom and I kept pulling the pegs off when I tried to knit off.
I used a blanket stitch to sew in my lining but I did a really BAD job so I will probably re-do it at some point. I was just too excited to get it all put together and show it off!

The entire project was done with recycled, found or already owned materials (except for the size P crochet hook I used).  The man says I can't buy more yarn until I use up what I have *silly man* but then I did start thinking about wasteful it is to keep buying buying buying to the point that I might never use it all *gasp* and that maybe he had a point.  Not to mention the whole REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE motto we try to live by.  So I am on a mission to craft without buying new supplies!

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