Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dyeing for color!

I read about using kool aid to dye wool and I just happened to have a light cream colored wool that I only used a tiny bit of so I decided to jump right in and give it a try. My 'flavor' was lemon lime for the green and cool blue raspberry for the blue. I wanted a variegated result so I dipped half my skein in one color and half in the other. By the way, kool aid dye does dye fingers and finger nails! I am allergic to latex and was out of my 'safe' gloves so I just used my hands. Oooppsies.

I noticed that the under side of the yarn was not getting any color so I flipped it and smooshed it and added another packet of kool aid in each color. I dissolved in hot water with a splash of vinegar. In the left dye bath where the blue is I put a sample swatch of a green wool I have that I am not super crazy about. It came out a really pretty emerald green so I went ahead and made up a batch of blue and put my green yarn in using the microwave method.
Before starting the dyeing process I had to re-twist my yarn. It was in those center pull skeins from craft store and I had to wrap them in hanks so that the dye could penetrate.
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