Monday, October 13, 2008

Dinner on a Dime...or 5 dimes!

I have been on a mission to see just how low I can go with my grocery budget. I have been working on creating meals that cost under $5 for all six of us. I have browsed the internet reading about depression era cooking and budget cooking.

You tube has a few clips from a lady named Clara. This is my version of her Poor Man's Meal.Posted by Picasa Here is my Bubba showing his appreciation for my culinary expertise! I am estimating that this meal cost about $2.50 for 6 big servings. That is under .50 per person. I added a handful of fresh green beans to my version and about 1/4 cup of italian dressing.
Here is Clara's version:


Dove Soup said...

I love your version, it's looks really pretty on the plate. And wow what a bargain, I'm gonna show Matt, he'll probably make it with sausage and add a little heat to the sauce.

The video lady is precious.

Farm Girl Wannabe said...

I used smoked all beef franks. We don't like the run of the mill hot dogs made with parts! When we have a sale on the kosher beef franks I buy coupons on ebay and stock up because they are pricey. I think it would be very good with a keilbasa.

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