Monday, August 10, 2009

Cherry Berry Jelly

This is a new fave for the kids. After pitting 25lbs or so of cherries I just couldn't bare to throw away all the pits with little bits of cherry still clinging to them. That was a lot of work and it seemed a shame to not make more out of what was left. I simmered the pits for about an hour until most the flesh fell off and I had a pan of dark cherry-ish liquid. I strained out the pits (and still couldn't stand to throw them away!) and poured the liquid through a Norpro Jelly Strainer and Bag I added enough berry juice to make 6 cups then followed the directions on the pectin box for making jelly. It turned out super yummy!

Oh, and the pits were dried well in the dehydrator. I will use some of them for heating pads and let the boys use the rest as sling shot ammunition.


Mark said...

The pits make excellent slingshot ammo - as a kid, the old guy next door used to pay me a penny a locust for each one I could shoot out of his pear trees.

Farm Girl Wannabe said...

Sounds like a sweet deal! Is he still hiring?

Mark said...

Haven't seen you post in a while, are you still there? Things any better?

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