Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Tall One-TTO

As some may have noticed, I have decided not to use our real names on our blog. I know that I am putting it out there for all to see, giving people a glimpse into my backyard, my kitchen, my little patch of earth but I gotta keep a little privacy right? So this is The Tall One (TTO) that isn't usually what I call him. I often call him by his front name or any variety of expressions heard coming from the mouths of mamas all over the world. Sweetie, sugar, honey, baby and in his case Shoogie Boy (which is cutesy for Sugar Boy). Around about the time he turned 10 or 11 he asked me to please only call him that when no one was around. Now, at the wise old age of ALMOST 16 he would rather me never utter those words again so to show him that mama does respect his wishes I have named him TTO in this blog. It is short, accurate and not at all cutesy. Aw well, no matter what, no matter how tall, no matter how old he will always be my Shoogie Boy! And he IS cute, dontcha think?

1 comment:

Dove Soup said...

Yeah... TTO, he's cool. I think he gets it from his grandmother. (on his mother's side of course.)

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